Meet Instructor Randi Allard-Parisien

I moved here with my 2 kiddos from North Dakota. Fitness and health has always been important to me and apart of my background, but Pilates of any type was foreign. First day I tried the Megaformer, I was addicted. If you have an addiction why not this method? I’ve tried others since being in Houston, and I cannot seem to break away. I want every client to not only feel but understand the mechanics of each and every exercise. It’s fun for me to teach them!  I’m that sour patch kid….for 45 minutes they are mad as hell at me…but then I’m sweet, and they love me!
I was looking for a challenge in a workout and I’m still trying to conquer this one! Think the odds are in the Lagree favor because I’m forever challenged! 

 Q & A with Randi:

What motivated you to seek a job in fitness
I grew up in a very much sports family. It was either cooking in the kitchen or outside playing sports with the boys. Guess it’s obvious what decision I made at an early age! I graduated college with a degree in exercise science to stay active and in the active community.

What is your go to snack?
I’m a Herbalife junkie! So I make protein bars with the products and honey and PB2……it’s addictive!!!!

What are you listening to while driving to the studio?
I don’t play it in the studio…but Black Beatles by Rich Thug. But the ultimate adrenaline rush to motivate me through a workout is No Way Out from the RockyIV soundtrack. Actually I’ve been known to run on a treadmill throughout that whole entire movie. Haha. So I throw that in there in my classes!!!  You literally cannot stop going if you hear it!

What’s your favorite body part?
I’m a sucker for abs…..but I have younger sisters that use to make fun of me for having a pancake butt. Granted a song was followed by it! One body part I noticed the biggest change was my butt. It’s lifted and in charge. At times I think it’s out of control. But clothes fit differently now!

What’s your favorite exercise?
I’m a sucker for scrambled eggs. I do it on 4 yellows which challenges me. But I get the full effect, stability challenge, full contraction of abs, control and I completely lose my breath. Mom of 2 needs the abdominal strength!!!

Tell us about your shoulder tattoo.
Tattoo on my right front shoulder is in a shape of a heart with my 2 kids first and middle names ……Kyah Rein – Cade Hunter


My mini me, Kyah

Lil man Cade and his love for soccer!

Family totem pole – Fun, crazy personalities


Taking in a day at the lake

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