Meet Jasmine Davis [ HIP Instructor ]

Jasmine was born into a military family in Ft. Hood, Texas. She moved to Houston in 2008 for school, where she later received a Bachelors in Human Performance for teaching. She recently earned her Masters in the same field. Currently a dance teacher for HISD, a gymnastics instructor, & an amazing HIP instructor. Jasmine enjoys spending her time eating, going out with friends, & traveling. She has a small goal to conquer the world!



What are you doing when you are not killing us at HIP?
When I’m not at HIP I’m off somewhere dancing! Teaching dance or dancing for fun, my life revolves around a good rhythm!

What’s the best part of working at HIP?
The best part of working at HIP is the growth I get to see in my clients. I love when they can hold their plank a little bit longer or when I see them try a skill challenge… I get excited! I also like the challenge the megaformer gives me! It never gets easier and I just keep coming back for more!

Clients are always talking about your energy.  What keeps you going?
When there’s a good playlist on I just can’t stop moving. I know working out is hard so I want to give a good energy that reminds clients “it’s going to be ok, you’re not going to die!” :] I like having fun, I want my clients to have fun too.

What’s always in your fridge?
In my fridge you can always find Broccoli & Brussels sprouts! Hahaha! A bottle of wine and some type of chocolate. It’s probably guaranteed these things are always present.

What is your favorite exercise?
My favorite exercise on the megaformer is COBRA! It burns so good! I still haven’t mastered doing more than 2 in a row, but we all have goals!

What message do you have for clients who have never taken a Megaformer class?
DONT GIVE UP! It’s hard, yes, but you can do it! Never quit, no excuses, just keep trying and getting better.


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