Lubna (Lola)

    HIP Fitness was founded by Lubna (Lola) Kamal.  An attorney from South Texas College of Law, she always searched for a passion instead of a job.   The year she completed Law school, love took Lola to Los Angeles.  Still searching for a career that she loves, she worked as a Classical Pilates Instructor in Redondo Beach, CA.  Health and wellness always played a large part in her life as well as her husband.  Lola played soccer all through high school and college and then joined her husband in Long Distance Triathlons.  It only made sense to do something in fitness.  After trying out a Megaformer studio in Los Angeles, she was obsessed!  She decided her hometown, Houston would be a great place for a studio.

    In May 31, 2014 HIP Fitness opened their doors as the only Megaformer studio in Houston.  HIP is looking to expand soon so that more of Houston can join in the fun!

    Favorite Exercises: Cobra & Super Lunge

    Favorite Music: anything I can sing & dance along