Melissa is a native New Yorker who relocated to Houston in January 2017.  Melissa grew up participating in various high school and college sports.  After more than a decade of working in corporate America, she hung up her suit and pursued her true passion in health and fitness. A long time marathoner and triathlete, Melissa is addicted to conditioning her body and constantly pushing herself further. While rehabbing from knee surgery in 2016, she discovered Lagree Fitness in NYC as an alternative non-weight baring exercise.  Quickly realizing Lagree offered a super intense workout combined with that “runner’s high” she craved.

    Melissa immediately became hooked to Lagree Fitness and knew she wanted to become a certified instructor.  Melissa loves to help her clients reach their fitness goals and will always encourage you to push past your limits.  This endurance athlete will surely give you the effective, heart pounding, high energy workout you need in your life!

    Favorite exercise: Super Lunge and Scrambled Eggs

    Favorite music:  Indie pop – even if you don’t know the words, the beat is so fun and will keep you pushing through those endless lunges!